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Eastwood Rust Converter

Eastwood Rust Converter

From £23.00
Eastwood’s new & unique Rust Convertor is formulated to transform surface rust into an inert paintable surface. This surface is best painted with Eastwood’s Rust Encapsulator or Chassis Black for a tough durable finish. The formulation is thin enough to flow into cracks and panel joints & seams. In aerosol form it is ideal for use on floor pans engine compartments and hard to reach areas. This high tech formula halts residual rust in its track and converts it into a black protective polymeric coating, eliminating the need for sanding. The converted protective coating is now a suitable primer and is compatible with most top coats. Additionally, the protective coating will seal the surface and prevent future rust growth. To apply, simply remove loose rust with a wire brush and spray on Eastwood’s Rust Converter, allow it to dry and top coat it with a quality coating, such as Eastwood’s Chassis Black.

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