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Dynolite Classic Engine Oils

Dynolite Classic Engine Oils

From £8.89

Multigrade Detergent & Dispersant Engine Oils

The Classic range of oils are formulated for engines produced from the early fifties to the mid eighties that have micro-particle oil filters, typically made of paper or felt. They replace monograde SAE engine oils giving improved lubrication and reduced oil consumption.

Classic 20W-50
This high viscosity multigrade SAE 20W-50 engine oil is blended for use in popular classic vehicles of the fifties & sixties offering maximum protection at an affordable price. For greater protection use Classic 20W-60.

Classic 20W-60 is a light grade engine oil replacing SAE30 grade.
Formulated for post-war engines, in particular high-performance vehicles such as MG, Porsche, Jaguar, Triumph, Ferrari, Alfa, etc. This oil is also recommended for cars using a 6 volt electrical system, where the starter motor requires minimum resistance.

Classic 25W-70 is a light grade engine oil replacing SAE40 grade.
Formulated for post-war large cylinder engines or for engines with low pressure oil pumps, i.e. for most post-war motorbikes. This oil contains additives which improve hot pressure and reduce oil consumption.


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