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Dynamat Insulation

BCC Dynamat Insulation

What is Dynamat?
The BCC team has long been associated with the automotive industry, not only in manufacturing, but developing and testing the high quality parts they produce. All BCC products are manufactured in Britain to the highest standards, using the best materials and precision engineering.

  • Deadens panel vibration
  • Reduces road noise
  • Reduces heat soak from engine & exhaust
  • Non absorbent materials
  • Self adhesive ‘peel & stick’
  • Easily cut & moulded to fit
  • Long lasting & superb adhesion

There are 2 steps to a quieter, cooler, better feeling great car…. Combine Dynamat with Dynaliner and you get the benefits of both products.

STEP 1: Dynamat – Deaden The Noise 
Dynamat is best for noise reduction with some heat reduction… Start with firewalls/bulkheads, floors, doors, roofs, wheel arches, under bonnet, boot lid. We supply two types of Dynamat noise insulation, Dynamat Xtreme or Dynamat Superlite.

STEP 2: Dynaliner – Insulate Against Heat
Apply Dynaliner over the top of Dynamat to reduce heat soak by up to 70%. Also helps with noise reduction. Ideal for floor pans, bulkheads, inner wings, inside roof panels & hard tops, doors, bonnet & boot lid. Calculate the area of the vehicle you want to cover…

You can enhance your heat insulation with Dynamat additional products, including a Hoodliner, Dynadeck for replacing carpet, DynaPad for extra hard to control noise problems and Dynaplate where a thin but strong lightweight sound deadener is required.

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4 Item(s)

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