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Coolant Reroute Kit, Cobalt

Coolant Reroute Kit, Cobalt


In Stock

The MX-5 engine was originally designed for a front wheel drive car, which means Mazda had to move a lot of stuff around to make it fit a rear wheel drive configuration.
One of the changes they made was where the coolant exits the engine, moving it from the rear of the engine, to the front. This set up is great from a packaging perspective, but it's not ideal for allowing the best possible path for the coolant to follow, meaning that cylinder 4 is typically a 'hot spot'.

The Cobalt coolant reroute kit fixes this issue by moving the coolant exit to the back of the engine (where it was supposed to be in the first place). This means lower and more consistent coolant temperatures over the stock system, essential for high power, or boosted cars.

Comes with a new, custom bent, stainless steel EGR pipe to keep away the 'check engine' light and make fitting as simple as possible. Also included is a custom machined thermostat spacer, retaining the factory coolant temperature sensor positions to avoid any unnecessary cutting and extending of wiring looms. The custom one-piece coolant hose means less points of failure and is made of silicone for longevity and peace of mind. Finally, we include all of the needed hardware and gaskets as well as complete instructions to make the install as simple as possible.

Please note: This kit fits Mk1 1.8's ONLY. If your car did not come with EGR as standard, the EGR tube will not be required.

Part Number: 910-850

  • specification
    • Year 94 - 97
      Model MX-5
      Moss USA Part Number 910-850
      Included Quantity Single
      Application 1994-98 1.8l
      Brand Cobalt
      Condition New
  • instructions

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