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Brake System Tools

Brake System Tools

When bleeding the brakes on any car it is very important to have the correct tools. We supply two very useful items as an alternative to a piece of rubber hose. Eezibleed is an excellent way to take away the fuss and mess from bleeding hydraulic systems. Fed by air pressure from the spare wheel, it provides 1/4lb of pressure to the fluid container. As an alternative to Eezibleed, a one man bleed tool is a must. Using a one way valve, the fluid is allowed through the valve but the air is prevented from returning back into the system. The brake hose clamp is chrome plated and has a knurled securing nut, these clamps should not be used on stainless steel braided hoses.

  Description Price
Visibleed Kit Part Number: GAC9378X Notes: Without reservoir
Brake Bleed Kit Part Number: GAC9378 Notes: "One Man" with reservoir

Regular Price: £7.99

Special Price £6.40

Eezibleed Kit Part Number: MRD1001 Notes: Uses Air Pressure from spare wheel.
Mityvac Brake Bleed Kit Part Number: 386-215 Notes: Uses Vacuum.
Brake Adjuster Spanner Part Number: MTR44211
Wheel Cylinder Circlip Tool Part Number: 17H7949T
Brake Hose Clamp, screw type Part Number: GAC8050X
Brake Caliper Piston Tool Part Number: 386-280
Brake Caliper Hooks Part Number: MTR441102
Brake Fluid Tester Part Number: MTR1006
Brake Pad Thickness Gauge Part Number: MTR441201

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