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MGB Electrical Systems Manual

MGB Electrical Systems Manual


Out of Stock

This is the book MGB owners have been waiting for! Even if you have no previous experience with vehicle electrical systems, this book will help you find out how each electrical system on your MGB works. Produced by Rick Astley, ‘MGB Electrical Systems’ covers everything from understandable theory, to recommendations for upgrades and replacements for troublesome electrical components. The 185 page book is filled with colour photographs of components and simplified wiring diagrams of your MGBs electrical circuits. Both early, and late model MGBs are covered, as well as differences between UK and export models. We rate this book a "must have".

Part Number: MGL0333

  • specification
    • Model MGB
      Included Quantity Single
      Condition New
      Manufacturer Part No. MGL0333
      ISBN 9.78185E+12