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Aston Fuel Cap Covers

Aston Fuel Cap Covers

The Aston cap covers are designed to fit with one of our compatible locking fuel caps, (Part No’s: GSS154 – Vented or WLD100310 - non-vented) or they can be used with an existing standard cap. They will fit over the standard cap and bolt directly to the tank filler neck.

Note: When fitting, position the fuel cap carefully to allow for over riders and other components of the car, allow sufficient room for the flap to clear when refuelling. The vented caps are not suitable for use with fuel injected Minis (SPi & MPi) as they require a non-vented cap. Most carburettor models will require a vented cap, (Part No: GSS154) this has a green inner fitting. Some cars require a non-vented cap, (Part No: WLD100310) this has a red inner fitting. These caps are compatible with Aston cap covers. It is essential that the correct type is selected for your car – please check before ordering.

  Description Price
Aston cap cover only, chrome, large (90mm) Part Number: GAC4127X
Aston cap cover only, alloy, small (75mm) Part Number: MCC299
Locking Fuel Cap, Non Vented, Slimline - Stainless Steel Part Number: WLD100310
Locking Fuel Cap, Vented, Slimline - Stainless Steel Part Number: GSS154