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SuperPro Bushes

SuperPro Polyurethane Rear Suspension Bushes - Morris Minor

The first stage to improving your suspension is to check all your bushes – there’s no point buying springs and dampers if the bushes are worn out. These suspension bushes improve the handling by reducing the amount of unwanted flex in the standard type of bush, leaving the suspension to move in the direction intended by the designers.

Polyurethane bushes are 25-30% stiffer than the factory bushes and do not deteriorate in performance over time.

Polyurethane is the best solution for road use. It gives improved location without having a detrimental effect on noise levels or a harsh ride. Added advantages are improved longevity and unlike rubber it is not affected by ultra violet light, water, salt, oil or petrol. These Superpro bushes come with a steel sleeve and grease where necessary and are available either individually, or as a complete car set.

  Description Price Qty  
Bush Set, rear spring, polyurethane, axle set Part Number: ACA5242SPKR Notes: SuperPro brand. Includes 12 bushes. Use for rear spring and shackle only. Application: Saloon, Tourer & Traveller
Bush Set, rear spring eye, polyurethane, axle set Part Number: AAA3627SPK Notes: SuperPro brand. Includes 4 bushes. Application: Van/Pick up
Pad Set, rear spring seating, polyurethane, axle set Part Number: ACA5138SPK Notes: SuperPro brand. Contains 4 spring pads.
Bush Set, rear shock absorber, polyurethane, axle set Part Number: ACB8871SPK Notes: SuperPro brand. Contains 2 one-piece bushes for 1 damper. Application: Van/Pick up only
SuperPro Complete Car Bush Kit, polyurethane Part Number: SPK70CK Notes: Contains: Upper outer trunnion bush, lower inner control arm bush, front tie bar bush, leaf spring eye & shackle bushes and leaf spring saddle mount. Application: Saloon, Tourer & Traveller
SuperPro Complete Car Bush Kit, polyurethane Part Number: SPK71CK Notes: Contains: Upper outer trunnion bush, lower inner control arm bush, front tie bar bush, leaf spring front eye & shackle bushes, leaf spring saddle mount and telescopic damper eye bushes. Application: Van/Pick up