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Vernier Timing Gears & Duplex Chain Kits

Vernier Timing Gears & Duplex Chain Kits

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It is preferable to change from a single row chain (simplex) to a twin row chain (duplex) as the twin chain is less prone to stretching. The cam timing can also be optimised via an adjustable Vernier cam gear, or by using offset cam keys. Please see camshaft manufacturers data for correct timing figures.

Single row timing chains and gears were fitted as standard to MGB's manufactured after 1971 with 18V type engines. We offer several conversions to upgrade to the more reliable duplex chain.

Type 1. Full duplex and vernier conversion.
This kit contains all the components required including crank sprocket, vernier cam gear, uprated timing chain, tension and locktabs.

Type 2. Gear and chain kit
Contains crank sprocket, vernier cam gear and the uprated timing chain.

  Description Price Qty  
Kit, timing chain, duplex conversion Part Number: TMG10728 Application: Type 1
1 Rqd
Timing Chain, 'duplex', high quality Part Number: 2H4905UR Application: Type 2
1 Rqd
Disc, cam timing degree Part Number: TT2929
1 Rqd
OIL PRESSURE, Relief Valve Part Number: 12H865
1 Rqd
OIL PRESSURE, Switch 20lb Part Number: TT2998
1 Rqd
Exhaust System, Sports Single Box Part Number: FSMG323 Application: MGB Chrome Bumper
1 Rqd
Exhaust System, Sports Bomb Box Part Number: FSMG12 Application: MGB Rubber Bumper
1 Rqd
Exhaust System, Sports Single Box Part Number: FSMG328 Application: MGB Rubeer Bumper
1 Rqd
Nut, pedestal Part Number: 51K1193B Notes: Uprated flanged nut
11 Rqd
Stud, cylinder head, long, 6 1/4" Part Number: 51K281
4 Rqd
3 Bearing engine Part Number: 322-868 Application: 3 bearing engine

Out of stock

Stud, cylinder head, short, 4 1/2" Part Number: 51K282
7 Rqd
5 Bearing engine 18GB-GK Part Number: 322-938 Application: 5 bearing engine 18GB-GK
1 Rqd
5 Bearing engines 18V Part Number: 322-948 Application: 5 bearing engines 18V
1 Rqd
All Later Engines Part Number: TMG10781 Notes: Nuts Included Application: All Later Engines
1 Rqd
Distributor Cap, push-on top entry Part Number: GDC103 Application: MGA, Early MGB
1 Rqd
HT Lead Set, Cobalt Silicone Part Number: 171-665 Application: MGC
1 Rqd
Gear, camshaft, vernier Part Number: TMG107281 Application: Type 2
1 Rqd
Gear, cam, vernier Part Number: TMG10725 Application: Type 2
1 Rqd
Lubricant, camshaft, kent, 250ml Part Number: KEN2 Notes: Use whenever cam followers and/or camshaft is fitted to ensure protection on start-up.
1 Rqd