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Batteries - Classic Mini

We stock a range of batteries for your Classic. Our wet batteries can only be purchased and collected in store. However, we can ship dry batteries with an 'acid pack' for customers to arrange their own filling and initial charge - just add MQC1134 to your basket. Shipping restrictions apply to MQC1134 which can only be shipped by road. Keep your battery in top condition with our CTEK Battery Charger & Conditioner and our Battery Service Products.

Another useful addition to your car is a battery cut-off switch, enabling you to isolate the battery when working on your car or storing it. We offer three variations, a Battery Mounted Cut-Off Switch, a Classic In-Line Cut-Off Switch and a Competition In-Line Cut-Off Switch.

  Description Price Qty  
Battery, 12 volt, 30 A/hr, dry Part Number: GBY5601D Notes: Add MQC1134 Battery Acid Pack Application: Mini
Battery, 12 volt, 30 A/hr, wet Part Number: GBY5601W Notes: Store Collection Only Application: Mini
Battery Acid Pack Part Number: MQC1134 Notes: Contains 6 bottles, use 1 per cell