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Wynns Engine Treatments
Wynn's high quality engine additives for treating & cleaning internal components of engines.

Engine Flush
Stops contamination of new engine oil. Simple to use, Wynn's Engine Flush quickly and efficiently dissolves varnish and removes sludge and other contaminates from vital engine parts, leaving engines internally clean.

Engine Stop Leaks
A special blend of chemicals formulated to stop oil leaks and drips that can result from drying out and shrinkage of engine selas and O rings. Engine Stop Leaks has no material effect on the viscosity or performance of the engine oil.

Hydraulic Valve Treatment
Hydraulic valve lifter treatment is 100% oil soluble & contains no solid particles. It has been developed to clean away internal engine deposits that create noise and reduce efficiency, it is compatible with mineral and synthetic engine oils.

Stop Smoke
Stop Smoke's synthetic formualtion will react to heat and leavy loads to help fill the gap between worn engine components to reduce oil burning and noise. Its viscocity-index improvers will help restore high mileage and worn engines.

Part #DescriptionApplicationPriceQty
Engine Flush
Notes: All petrol engines
425 ml £5.10
Engine Stop Leaks
325 ml £6.70
Hydraulic Valve Lifter Treatment
325 ml £8.65
Stop Smoke
325 ml £5.40