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Uprated Rocker Shaft & Fittings
Use these components to maximise reliability. All cars can benefit from a replacement tuftrided rocker shaft, they will resist wear and breakage especially when using high revs. Note; the tuftrided hardened shaft must be thoroughly purged of the salts used in the hardening process, before it is fitted. Before fitting any rocker shaft it is essential to make sure that the end plugs are in position.

The friction and the rocker side loads normally associated with the standard rocker gear can be reduced and the location made more positive, by fitting the five piece steel spacer set instead of the standard shaft springs.

Pedestal shims are for use with standard rockers in conjunction with a higher compression cylinder head, enabling the correct rocker angles to be obtained. They have a nominal thickness of 0.040 and are supplied individually. Use with uprated pushrods. Please contact your local Moss branch if you require more information.

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Tuftrided Rocker Shaft
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Rocker Spacer Set
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Rocker Pedestal Shim
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Uprated Rocker Pedestal Nut
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