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Oil Catch Tanks
If you modify the breather or induction systems of your car for either road or track use collection of oil should be considered. An oil catch tank is a must for competition use to prevent oil spillage on the track and it is also desirable to prevent oil vapour settling around the engine bay. These catch tanks are designed to be connected to the crankcase ventilation system, catching the oil vapour, allowing the air to vent through the special cap.

Manufactured from high grade aluminium and anodised for a smart, durable finish they feature 2 x 1/2” OD connectors for the breather hoses, level indicator, breather cap and drain plug. Available in 1litre or 2 litre sizes. Mount using the rear flange to a suitable vertical panel in the engine bay.

Part #DescriptionApplicationPriceQty
Oil Catch Tank 1lt
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Oil Catch Tank 2lt
Notes: minimum size required for FIA approval
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Breather hose - 1/2” ID (per metre)
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Hose clip (each)
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