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Fuel Tank Cleaner & Sealer
Fuel tanks often rust from the inside. Condensation can cause rust to build up inside the tank, usually on the upper surface. This rust can flake off and get into the fuel system of your car. This range of products allows you to clean & degrease, etch prepare and seal the internal surface of your fuel tank.

The process can be applied to an old or new tank to provide a protective, rust resistant coating to the inner surfaces of the tank even sealing minor leaks.

Step 1: Use industrial strength cleaner to clean your tank.
Step 2: Use bio-degradable etcher as preparation for our slushing compound to give maximum adhesion of the sealer.
Step 3: Use slushing compound to put a protective film on the entire inside surface of your fuel tank to prevent rust.

This compound is specially formulated to resist alcohol, which is now a very common fuel component. If in doubt of the condition of your old tank replace it.

Part #DescriptionApplicationPriceQty
Fuel Tank Cleaner Degreaser
1 US gal (3.7 lt) £24.95
Fuel Tank Etching Fluid
16 fl oz £12.65
Fuel Tank Slushing Compound
Notes: Store Collection Only
Quart (946 ml) £28.96