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MGA Supercharger System
Superchargers have been used on cars and piston engined aircraft since before World War II in order to obtain maximum power without losing vital torque. The Moss supercharger kits give increased torque and horsepower throughout the rev range without adding extra stress to your engine.

Our supercharger kits use an Eaton MP45 charger unit that features a by-pass valve. This valve remains closed, by-passing the compressor, at light throttle situations, but then opens to feed the charge through the compressor vanes to give maximum power when required. This system gives good drivability and maintains economy with light throttle then boosts the charge the moment the throttle is pressed, giving an instant boost of power.

Our engineers designed an intake manifold that provides equal airflow, pressure and fuel mixture to each cylinder. By optimizing the distribution in the manifold for each cylinder, you can run more boost pressure without the chance of harmful detonation. The Moss supercharger system produces 7.5-8.25 PSI of boost at sea level. Bolted on to a standard engine you may expect a horsepower increase* of 40% at the flywheel. Just hold on to the steering wheel when you decide to press the pedal!

The kits include an MP45 supercharger, intake manifold and SU HIF carburettor, special pulleys and a serpentine drive belt, K&N sports filters, fittings and comprehensive fitting instructions (see listing below).

We also offer an alternator conversion kit. The alternator bearings are much more durable and will improve long term performance of the vehicle.

The conversion kit includes a new high output alternator and complete instructions for converting the car from positive to negative earth.

Please note: These systems are designed to supplement an engine in good condition, not make up for lost power in a tired one. If your car has an old, tired engine you will want to overhaul it first.

The installation of a supercharger will exploit all the strengths of your engine to give you extra power. However, it will also exploit any weaknesses your engine may have. Please ensure your engine is in a suitable condition before installation.

To maximise the full benefit of the supercharger we recommend that you fit the 8° static advance distributor (TMG10771).

Part #DescriptionApplicationPriceQty
Supercharger System
Notes: Uses HS6 carbs
MGA £2,994.95
Supercharger System
Notes: Uses HIF6 carbs
Alternator Conversion
Notes: Designed for use with Supercharger system (Part No. 150-047)
MGA with Supercharger System £230.95
Distributor, uprated
MGA with Supercharger System £183.95
Drive Belt, replacement
MGA with Supercharger System £21.95
Heat Shield Kit
For 150-047 & Moss Supercharger systems previously sold as 150-058, 150-068, 150-078. £111.95
Idler Bracket Upgrade Kit
Use with Supercharger Systems:
150-047, 150-059, 150-069
Info 1
Idler Plate Spacer